Dating Catwoman

The current story arc starts here.

Kickstarter Update: In case you missed it, I’m finally gearing up to ship the rewards out after a rather tumultuous printing process this year. Only thing is, I need your addresses to get your books to you. Everyone should have gotten an email with instructions on updating their contact info on Kickstarter, and if you haven’t, be sure to check your spam folder. Unless you don’t want your book?


You want this book.

  • Chris Waters

    Sent my addy, so I’m ready.

    Meanwhile…really, Steve needs to give up actual hero duty and just stick with…I dunno, dishwashing detergent commercials.

    “Steel Justice Cleaner: Caked-on Injustice Stands No Chance!”

    • RazorD9

      I’d buy that for a dollar!

    • Pinkk

      I don’t recall seeing him in actual hero work, who knows, when not around SB, he might actually be okay at it.
      That said, I thought the idea of him being the number one hero was going to be her turning point :p

      • OrlahEhontas

        I notice he was completely oblivious on the whole “nemesis is an equal” and the “not my nemesis” points.

  • Sabrina Pandora

    He’s got that sweet-talking down to an art. I totally would have gone for that offer.

  • zgrssd

    If there is one person that can convince her to go back to hero it is him.
    Not in a “good example” way. More in a “he is more annoying this way” way.

  • This guy

    WHO’S HERE?!
    Steel asshole, that’s who.