Crashing In

The current story arc starts here.

In case you missed it: Kickstarter Update went up this morning. It especially pertains to those of you that pledged $80 and above, so check it out if you ordered a guest appearance/yourself as a superhero/custom commission!

  • Chris Waters

    Eh, this is an easy fix, Rhegan. He’s dumb enough that you could probably convince him into being your hired muscle goon.

    • GamerKale

      But would she want him?

      • Chris Waters

        Admitted, but still.

  • RazorD9

    Aw geez, just when you think you have a handle on the help, then your ex busts through the wall and wants to take you and your ill gotten evil empire down. S.B. needs a bit of breathing room. I mean it’s not like this was the best to to attack or anything.

    • OrlahEhontas

      Thank you. Couldn’t for the life of me remember who he was. Familiar as hell, but what his relation to the comic was… ???… Forgot Rhegan and him dated in the past.

      • KCGarza

        To be fair it’s been over a year since he last appeared in the comic.

        • OrlahEhontas

          True, but that only makes it , like, 4 months ago for me, back when I marathoned the strip to get caught up. Still, he wasn’t there very long, if my memory is working correctly. Which, as I’ve already proven, isn’t…

  • zgrssd

    Ah, there goes the neigbourhood.

  • Jesse Henson

    Actually, wouldn’t he make a better villain? Like, more evil. Not as smart, of course. Corn cobs are smarter than he is, but more evil.