Counting Sheep

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Hey y’all, sorry for the late-ish post. I’m visiting family at the moment and their internet is down this week. I’ve also been working full time during the break and have kind of a limited window to upload things.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it already, Superbitch was featured this week on the Audioshocker Podcast Network! Thanks so much to Rebecca and Nick at the Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program. I was beaming from ear to ear the whole time listening to it. Also featured on the podcast was the gorgeous Spindrift which you should also check out.

  • Kunnaki

    And these people are breeding…

    • Pirate_Prince_Navarion

      Welcome to reality. Which way do you want to exit? Gun? Poison? Jumping of a skycraper? I’m unsure myself. (Today the government for the next 4 years in Germany was introduced. So my mood is currently somewhere under bedrock.)

    • :P

      actually they’re not. “she hates babies”

      well they’re breeding but being shit enough at it to kill the spawn for convenience. so as far as we’re concerned they’re not shitting the gene pool

  • dragondeathlord .

    You know SuperBitch For the first time showing Virtue! Shes a Honest Politician!!! Maybe its a sign of the End of Days! 2 Signs 1 a Honest Politician 2 a Nobel SuperBitch !! Witch ones Stranger???? I Vote for her just bc its a honest Politician and never done that before.

  • :P


  • Guest

    everybody is united in hating some of the stuff she hates. its the perfect way to win in this system