So for some reason yesterday (03/06) the site was down for a bit while the hosts were doing some…uh, host stuff, and when it came back online it had eaten the last two strips from this week. Here they are, unfortunately I think all the comments from those strips got deleted too. :/

  • RazorD9

    So you can say that Rheagan is now the Mayor’s Super Bitch.

  • Pinkk

    Well, SB can likely get it changed enough that she’s not so much the mayor’s bitch :p Both parties want to save face and get a good deal so the mayor is likely to budge.

  • Jordan Hiller

    What i’m wondering is if Art Hobo/Paragon will keep her new costume and name or go back to the way things were. Time will tell, but I’m an impatient bastard.

    • Victoria Dreyer

      I hope she keeps it! While her old alias certainly had personality, I think she deserves the respect that comes with her new one more.

      • Jordan Hiller

        But she probably doesn’t want the responsibility, so I think she’ll go back to Art Hobo (though I prefer Paragon). Though she’s a much better person than Superbitch, she’s also kinda irresponsible/lazy.