Chess Game

The current story arc starts here.

  • Sabrina Pandora

    I gotta get me one of those supervillain chairs to drink whiskey in while monologuing.

    • RazorD9

      Studies have also shown having a supervillain chair somehow saves you on your electric bill and spending less money on light bulbs.

  • Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz

    Listening to paranoid conversations for hourly pay, sounds like what I already do when I listen to phone calls at word. It’s not bad work at all.

  • Whiskey Jack

    Why is it I’m reminded of this, all of a sudden?

    • Jesse Henson

      Damnit, wish I had been reading this sooner. I was about to put this link up, but I see I’m too late.

  • zgrssd

    Camille, you are overthinking it. Or rather you are expecting Rhegan to have thought about it. At all.

  • Bubba Claw

    I’d say, “Let it. We’re hourly.”, would have been better.

    • OrlahEhontas

      Naw, as an hourly employee, the proper phrase is “F**k it.” Especially if the boss expects you to take a bullet or beating on an hourly wage. And since she’s working for a bad person, my guess is that it’s just slightly above federal minimum at that.

  • Chuck

    In the third panel Shouldn’t that say “I mean, you gave me your card.”

  • Xedz

    I for one can’t wait to read the first Unnamed Guard 1/Unnamed Guard 2 ship