Career Day

Always so good with kids.

Not sure how I feel about the black mask on the Art Hobo, but I’ve been trying to figure out a way to balance out the black and white between her and SB. I think it works, but she still needs a little more black somewhere on her costume.

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  • model S

    arm warmers. black arm warmers. or bracelets. but I think arm warmers would be more “hobo”-ish. just an idea.

  • ct7

    stripes on her costume, perhaps?

  • darneaus

    a simple black belt.

  • KCGarza

    All good suggestions! I’ll play around with some sketches. Thanks guys :)

    • Vampyrr

      try black pants?

    • Random Guy

      A beret.

  • Rune

    Grrl Power got me here. Your strip kept me.

  • Speedcow

    i actually like art hobo with the mask.

  • Flint_A

    If his police father wasn’t paid by the government, I doubt he’d help people for free.

  • Sam

    I think a black belt on the Art Hobo would do the trick. :)

  • S. Holub

    Finally getting around to catching up. I like that the poster says “college or death”. Very apropos, considering how we’re supposed to shove college down kids throats these days.

  • Elizabeth Bradford

    don’t police officers get paid too?