But Mostly Free Stuff

Another late strip, due to multiple Photoshop-related fuck-ups, which are also the reason why parts of the background there are inexplicably turning into Silent Hill. Whatever. I’m sick of looking at this page. Anyway, that basically wraps up another story arc! Updates will likely continue as normal on Monday, since I don’t think I can realistically do the 24 Hour Comics Day after all. Stay tuned!

  • http://gravatar.com/razord9 razord9

    It is indeed hard for a person to ignore the siren that is free stuff.

    Well, least we know they haven’t suddenly been transport to Mars. Can’t imagine anyone being thrilled to be suddenly transported to Mars, unless they were a huge nerd, then they would be going “I’m fucking on Ma-aurrrr- *gasp*…!”

  • Hunter

    Funny comic today. thanks for cracking me up.

  • Tyler Witt

    Okay. In HER defense… She’s kind of an idiot.