Boiling Points

The current story arc starts here.

Edit: Woops, sorry about that folks. A brief hiccup with the site caused today’s strip not to show up. Should be working now!

  • Yngvar Følling

    I suppose we’re learning how Superbitch turned into the “hero for hire” she was until recently. And will be again? I don’t see how the status quo can possibly be restored after this.

  • Sabrina Pandora

    Eh, it’s a comedy superhero strip. Anything can happen.

    Except curly fries. That shit is important, especially if they leave out the cheese sauce.

  • RazorD9

    Ah geez, this is what society becomes when they depend on Superheroes to fix everything. This is why we need more heroes that are dicks. Tough love and all that, plus maybe just maybe people will learn that they can save their own babies from toxic waste and that curly fries are just as good as waffle ones in there own respect.

    Also, bald is beautiful. Man up dude!

  • Pinkk

    Actually, this is Paragon’s fault now. Outside of saving the baby, she never should’ve responded to the people :p

  • Sigurther

    I’d kill for some good curly fries.

  • Chris Waters

    And now she sees why Rhegan is the way she is.

    Though Caroline is a tiny bit more level-headed, so there is a chance she does things differently.

    Either way, the people of this town are getting as overly-dependent as those in the city of Townsville.

    • Jordan Hiller

      Nah, Rhegan would probably be the same no matter what. Now that Caroline has to shoulder the load by herself however, the attitude is starting to spread.

  • Hornet

    So that’s why Batman has Gordon, to sort through the BS to find the real emergencies.

  • Bruno Guedes

    Turns out Rhegan actually is the hero this town deserves.


  • Sean

    It’s true, waffle fries aren’t an emergency. Especially since every right thinking person knows curly fries are better anyway. :D

  • David Nuttall

    Talk with the restaurant if they get your food order wrong. You would take this to civil court to escalate this beyond all reason, not calling a superhero. This would be like calling 911 to get a pizza delivered. Perhaps the punishments should be just as severe.

  • Azmi Abdulhadi

    Waffle fries? ‘googles’ Oh! Those…don’t they make chips out of those?