Blarney Stoned

Here in Savannah, St. Patrick’s Day is a bit of a big fucking deal for reasons I’m still not 100% sure of.

ANYWAY my tablet is still broken and the new one’s still on its way, but luckily one of the SCAD buildings with Cintiqs in it was still open for Spring Break, so I managed to get this one done. Used Photoshop rather than the usual Manga Studio, so the line quality’s a little less crisp than I would have liked. But hopefully my tablet will get here pretty soon and I can get things mostly back to normal.



  • RazorD9

    I’d drink to that! To Irish liberty, and the pursuit of hoppiness!

    • Christopher De Loof

      I see what you did there.

  • SZP

    Not to be a douche, but what happened to the drawing style? In the beginning, it had sort of a semi “realism” thing going on with lines and proportions and then it’s devolved into more of a “cartoony” vibe… Don’t get me wrong, I still love the writing, but one of things that drew me to follow the comic and recommend it to friends was the initial artwork juxtaposed with the quirky writing. Just curious. /:)

    • KCGarza

      Uh, because I like it better, and because it’s faster to produce? By the way, prefacing something with “not to be a douche” doesn’t make it any less douchey.

      • SZP

        Noted. Thank you for the reply. Have a great day. /;)

  • This guy

    I shall tell every one this history.