Bitter End

And thus ends the tale of Steve Stanley: Captain Asshole Steel Justice. Will we find out how exactly he suddenly got back to superhero size?

Eh, maybe. But for now I’m tired of drawing this character.


In other news, San Diego Comic Con is this weekend! Also known as the weekend I temporarily quit Twitter and other social media so as to not be bombarded with live updates from the con while I silently seethe in the corner over not being there. It’s on my bucket list to go eventually. Not like as a vendor, I mean just in general. Before it swells up so large that city of San Diego crumbles under the weight of it and breaks off into the sea.

…I should probably go to bed soon.

  • Dex drako

    I just found this comic today and have to say I really like it.

    • Kennedy

      Thanks! Appreciate it :)

  • :P

    what else were they supposed to do kill him?