Birds of a Feather

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Well, by the time this strip goes up I’ll be back in class again for my second to last quarter. I’m excited. This is going to be a good year. I’m also starting the early planning stages of getting a first book printed, which I’ll hopefully be able to do as my senior project in the Spring. I’ll keep you guys posted of course, just sit tight and keep being awesome. :)

  • Jonathan Wint

    You know Manny years before he was President Jimmy Carter was a Nuclear Engineer who at one point sacrificed his life to save Southern California from a Nuclear Meltdown. And by miracle survived. The Story was covered up because he did not want to hurt Alternative energy. Years Later Reagan called him a Peanut farmer. This from a bad actor who was second to a monkey ,who life was one of the many Carter saved. Said Idiot Actor beats him in a Election ,A man that had stolen Carters Notes and Election papers and even Arranged to have American Hostages Kept Longer (that part was never proven but nor was it investigated since Reagan won) (Reagan’s Election team had Private Messages with the Iranians that is fact not conspiracy crap.)

    As a Result a Senile Actor who was a confessed thief became President over a Man that was a Nuclear Engineer who was willing to sacrifice his life for strangers including said Actor. The Moral of the Story Is there must be a Divine Being in charge of all things but unfortunately Its anther Super Bitch And Democratic(republic) Elections are Lying contests wear we elect the most corrupt
    Search Results Liar.. So this story 100% Believable!

    • KCGarza


      • Jonathan Wint

        I am a wind bag. Especially with politics Sorry.

        • Craig Huffman

          Interesting point, though. I really like Carter. Now, I like him even more.

        • KCGarza

          Ah well, at least you admit it…

    • Peggy Cooke

      Jimmy Carter’s mother, Lillian once said: “Sometimes when I look at my children, I wonder why I didn’t just remain a virgin.” But I liked him too!

  • N0083rP00F

    What can I say about Regan that has a positive note? He didn’t puke on any other world leaders.Did play the part of a President quite admirably. Mind you, this is from the outside looking in. Also comparing to GWB Jr makes anybody a winner.

    • drachefly

      A) James Buchanan was arguably worse than GWB, and that’s keeping it confined to American Presidents. If we’re going anywhere in history, Xerxes basically did to his country what GWB did to us, but much, MUCH worse. And he’s not as bad as it gets.

      B) GHWB is the father. GWB is the son. The middle names don’t match, so it’s not a ‘jr’

  • Jazmine St. Cocaine

    Lol I just now noticed how she pours him a shot, then just swigs straight out of the bottle.