Banter Up

The current story arc starts here.

  • RazorD9

    That depends minion #38, do you have any possible idea on how she got out or is your mind totally blank at all the possible ways that Contreras could have escaped? Though to be fair, no one’s going to care and not just because your ex-boss is free and on a rampage in a six legged mech arguing semantics with a superhero.

    • Jason M Bryant

      He’s using it incorrectly. Ideas are, by definition, figurative. The word “literally” doesn’t work for things that don’t exist in a literal sense.

      He’s just using it as an intensifier.

  • Chris Waters

    Nice to see that Caroline is humble about her power-set. :P

    Though that would explain how she’s able to fight Superbitch and not be that worse for wear.

    • gyffes

      Wait — when did we see her fight superbitch? Dangit, now I have to start from scratch, again.

      • Chris Waters

        There’s two I can think of: the situation with the waffles vs. pancakes argument, and the fight on the plane.

  • Bobismeisbob

    The Spidermech was the high point of that movie.

  • ProofNegative

    What ARE Caroline’s powers anyway? Anything besides flight and forcefields? Or was she just exaggerating?

    • KCGarza

      More or less the same as Superbitch, but more defense-focused than offense (she has the forcefields and limited super-strength, as well as some others that haven’t come into play yet…).

      But also yeah she’s definitely bragging/exaggerating there.

      • podian

        So, SB’s the unstoppable force to Caroline’s immovable object?

        • KCGarza

          Hah, never thought of it like that, but yeah that’s actually a perfect description.