Back to the Lab Again

The current story arc starts here.

Aaaand we’re back. Sorry for the downtime over the weekend. If you’re not already, remember you can follow the comic’s Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr pages and in the event of an outage the strip will be posted there as backup.

Also, in case you missed it the Kickstarter Update yesterday, all books will finally be shipped out this week! There are a handful of you who still haven’t given me your address yet, and I’ll be in touch with you on Kickstarter soon to get them.

  • GamerKale

    And there was much rejoicing! For the empanadas. I mean, the site being back up is cool too, but y’know, priorities.

    • Zeterai

      Honestly I think stopping for empanadas is what caused it to be down for so long.

      • Chris Waters

        Well of course. It takes a while to make them, and he had to get enough to fill superhero level metabolisms.

  • Dana Moore

    Wait wait. WAIT!
    There are banana empanadas?

  • Pinkk

    I just hope to see Paragon kick some butt :) Also happy to see the site back!

  • Chris Waters

    I want to say this before things get too crazy in this series:

    While it does look like we’re heading back to the status quo, with Rhegan commenting that she is the city’s true hero, and now Quinn back…I kinda want Caroline to stay as Paragon rather than go back to Art Hobo.

    It is your story Kennedy and I’ll still like it either way, but that’s just a personal thing. She looks good in the outfit, and it could be an interesting shift in the dynamic between her and SB.

    • KCGarza


    • maarvarq

      I haven’t made it all the way through the archives (to May 2015) yet, so this could be a moot point, but Art Hobo is kind of a weird name, even in a funny strip, so I’d like her to remain (or again become) Paragon too.