Ba-dump TSSSH

The current story arc starts here.

Re: the site problems — Some people are telling me it’s working again, some people are still having trouble. In any case I can assure you I have a crack IT team working on it now.

I actually don't.

In the meantime, why don’t you give a quick vote for Superbitch on Top Webcomics? It won’t help the site issues, but it might give me an ego boost, and I think that’s a worthy cause yeah?

  • Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz

    I see your site just fine, if that helps.

  • zgrssd

    There is your mistake. You have a dog tech support. You need cat:

    Jokes aisde, the page work well for me. I got firefox with adblock ++ installed.

  • Chris Waters

    I can see this going a few different ways.

    1)Flashback to show why Rhegan actually wants to be a superhero for hire instead of a supervillain

    2)Flashback to show the past between SB and our villainess here.

    3)SB actually trying it, then doing better that it makes all the villains BEG for her to go back to being a hero to give them a chance to do stuff.

  • Chuck

    The home page is still updating (Ba-dump TSSSH) but I still need to go back a page to find the voting button for Top Webcomics. I hope all of my recent comments don’t come across as complaining. I just wanted to keep you up to date from my POV. :)

  • Eoraptor

    strange, I don’t see the TWC link