Ironically, I hate that word.

In other news, I’m making good progress on the KickStarter and feel a lot more confident about the numbers now. I’m most likely going to end up going with POD rather than offset, simply because I have no idea where in the country I’m going to be after I graduate, and moving around while trying to ship a bunch of books myself would probably be a nightmare.

What is NOT nightmarish is the Superbitch Twitter and Facebook feed. Have I mentioned you can follow them for extra updates and goodies? Because, you can.


  • Victoria Dreyer


    Glad to hear you’re feeling better about the Kickstarter thing. Don’t forget, MOVING HOUSE while trying to lug around a bunch of books. Ugh, done that. Never again.

  • Sparky

    I’ve been curious about the name “Art Hobo.” I tried Google but all I got were images of “Hobo Art” which I don’t think is the same thing. Is “Art Hobo” a reference to something hip and cool to which I am (naturally) not privy?

    • Reece Bridger

      I think it’s a play on the stereotype that art students and graduates with art degrees are gonna end up poor and with no possible future employment, leading almost everyone with such a qualification to become destitute and/or unemployed, and in some cases, hobos.

    • KCGarza

      Yep, what Reece said. It’s just about her being a “starving artist.” Although it’s a bit of a misnomer now since she isn’t actually homeless….

  • Reece Bridger

    Roberto: Now ol’ Roberto’s the one in charge… STOP LOOKING AT ME! HA HA-HAAHHHH!

  • Ben Grismer

    Smooooooooooooooth. lol