Armchair Psychiatrist

So in case you’ve managed to miss my obnoxious trumpeting all this week, the Kickstarter launched on Monday and it’s already about halfway funded! You guys are awesome. Go check the project page out if you haven’t already, there are only 6 copies left of the discounted earlybird special for the book!

This last quarter at SCAD is going pretty smoothly, with some exciting things coming up that I’m not entirely certain it’s time to announce yet, but we’ll see how things play out.

  • Chris Waters

    And this is why 1)I currently live alone and 2)Tend to use plastic or paper cups and plates and utensils for meals.

  • Trickcyclist

    Actual paper porn. She is sooo oldskool and cool. I love paper stuff. Hey, wait a minute, is this a subliminal plug for your kickstarter, young lady, hmm?

  • Victoria Dreyer

    *looks at sink* The last time I did the dishes was… uhhhh… how long does it take fungus to grow to six inches or so?

    • David Nuttall

      It would depend in the type of fungus and the amount of nutrients it can find. I am hoping you are referring to 6 inches long and not 6 inches thick; that would be a fruiting body. I sure hope your landlord does not see that sink soon.

      • Victoria Dreyer

        I was kidding, but to be honest even THAT would be an improvement over the state this place was in when I moved in, Landlord no care, and rent r cheap. :3

        • David Nuttall

          It seems my comments on this site appear to be too serious for the context. I am usually replying with humour in mind, just not in my words. My apologies.

          • Victoria Dreyer

            Ah-hah! Understood. Yes, sometimes it can be hard to interpret deadpan humour from text. :D

  • Kagetenma

    Found this yesterday, binged and now am caught up. Love it. It’s great. You have yourself a loyal follower. Peace.

  • David Nuttall

    I should not try reading this comic when tired. I just read panel three and saw that there were snot glasses in the sink. That would be different.