Another Day, Another Monster

Apologies for the late strip, guys. It’s been a hell of a week, especially with the Kickstarter ending on Wednesday. In case you missed it, we finished up at $5,077 of the $3600 goal. Not too shabby, y’all!

So I’m working on putting the finishing touches to the book and producing the rewards now. Should be able to ship the books out sometime in early June to mid-July. Things are going to be pretty intense for these last few weeks before I graduate, but I’ll keep you guys posted every step of the way as far as the printing process goes. Thanks again to everyone who pitched in. I’m consistently floored by how awesome you all are.

Update 05/12/14 – Okay I give. No strip this Monday. I will have two up this week, but today’s will either be up tomorrow or Wednesday. And now I sleep.

  • Kunnaki

    Yeah, compared to being beaten up and robbed of your money from those devilish little imps that sell cookies, this is a blessing in disguise.

    Of course, that alone is not stopping from neutering my cat next chance I get.

  • Chuck

    What are Art Hobo’s powers?