And Now for Something Completely Different

Today’s guest strip is from the dynamic duo Sabrina Pandora and Koen Lutyen of Giant Girl Adventures, who have saved my ass once more!

Also, as of today, I am officially an alumni of the Savannah College of Art and Design! Now that the dust has settled from this last week, regular updates will return on Friday. I also should have a proof of the book this week, so keep an eye on your emails for the Kickstarter update! I start working full time in July, and once I’m all moved in to my new place I’ll start the shipping process. See you Friday!

  • Agent 85

    Hey Kennedy! First of all, congrats with everything (graduation & kickstarter funding). I’ve been off and on Superbitch for a few months now (how the hell did I miss the Kickstarter project???) I’ve been reaching out to a few cartoonists who’s IPs I’m a fan of through my animation website. Contact me back for more info about that (that is, of course, when you have time).

    Take care and I’ll (do a better job to) stay updated on Superbitch!

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  • Chris Waters

    Is it me or is Art Hobo a bit bustier than usual in that picture?

    • Anthony Giarratano

      It is not just you. I think they both look a little fuller in the chest. :D