Actually Yes

The current story arc starts here.

  • Chris Waters

    Oh, how I wish this was in color. I’m curious to see what Caroline’s new hero outfit would look like.

    Still, this should be interesting. If nothing else, this could be a blow to Rhegan’s ego, saying “If anybody’s a hero in this town, it’s ME and no one else!”. Sorta like when her ex appeared.

    Also, is this the first time we’ve seen a full body shot of the mayor?

  • Sabrina Pandora

    Surely a new costume will inspire confidence in an heroic legacy that people still to this day speak the name ‘Art Hobo” in hushed, reverent tones.

  • Jeff

    Was the mayor supposed to look like Amanda Waller?

    • David Nuttall

      Maybe a Hispanic version thereof?

  • RazorD9

    Huh, like if she forgot the whole mayor election. Then again, Cecilia was on the other side.