Achey Breaky Heartbleed

I’m sure it was in the Terms and Conditions agreement somewhere. Or something.

In other news, the Kickstarter is around 60% funded now! We’re all out of the discounted Earlybird copies, but all the other reward tiers are wide open. I’ll be posting an early look at the book cover soon, so don’t touch that dial! …Your computer has dials, right?

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  • Sabrina Pandora


    I always forget the invisible jet.

  • zgrssd

    For all those who do not know enough details about Heartbeet to understand the vulnerability, here is a xkcd explanaion of heartbleed:

  • Brian Mann

    The only time I actually found someone misspelling ‘atheist’ funny. Huzzah!

  • Chris Waters

    I may be weird in saying this, but Art Hobo’s costume being damaged there makes it fit the hobo part of her name a little better.

  • Morgan Champion

    Actually, I don’t have a Facebook account.

  • Wyrmlaf

    You can see it because it has dirt, dust and smoke on it.