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Jun 12Hiiii


Jan 11New Things


Dec 7Lead the Way
Nov 17A Fan, Girl
Nov 13The Back Way
Nov 10So Fun You’ll Have to Call an Ambulance
Nov 3Abort Mission
Oct 30As it Turns Out
Oct 23Ya Gotta
Oct 12The Devil’s Loophole
Oct 9Suspicious
Oct 5The Improv-ers
Oct 2A Modest Request
Sep 18Right
Sep 14Is That a Trick Question
Sep 7I Helped.
Sep 4Donut Do That
Aug 31Meetings are for Tweeting
Aug 24Snapback
Aug 3That’s One Way to Do It
Jul 13Go OFF
Jul 10Now What
Jul 7Privacy Please
Jul 3Irony Levels Critical
Jun 26DrunkThink
Jun 5Contingency Plan
Jun 3No One You Would Know
Jun 1Safe Bet
May 1On Playing Well with Others
Apr 27Perpetual Emotion Device
Apr 24Public Reprehensions
Apr 20Rad Influence
Apr 13Devil’s Delight
Apr 10Fiscal Twist II
Apr 6Eggscellent
Apr 3Mixology
Mar 30Earworm
Mar 27Hanger Management
Mar 23It’s Good for You
Mar 20Guest Comic: Skin Game, part 2/3
Mar 19Guest Comic: Skin Game
Mar 18Guest Comic: Beer Goggles, part 2
Mar 17Guest Comic: Beer Goggles, part 1
Mar 16Guest Comic: The Wilhelm Scream
Mar 13Drunkenly Ever After
Mar 11Identity Crisis
Mar 9White Flag
Mar 7Compromise
Mar 4Post-Game
Mar 2FanDumb
Feb 23You Tried
Feb 20Good Ol’ Fisticuffs
Feb 16Ya Think
Feb 13Squabbles II
Feb 9Here’s Your Sign
Feb 6Superbitch vs. The Art Hobo
Feb 2Fightin’ Words
Jan 30Death by Monologue
Jan 26Let’s Find Out
Jan 23Banter Up
Jan 20Back to the Lab Again
Jan 16Will the Real Superbitch Please Stand Up
Jan 12Good Listener
Jan 9Vermillion
Jan 5Boiling Points
Jan 2Red Flag Number Three


Dec 29Number 37
Dec 26Where the Hell Are My Keys
Dec 22Test Flight
Dec 19Dating Catwoman
Dec 15Crashing In
Dec 12Painfully Employed
Dec 8Paragon
Dec 5Actually Yes
Dec 1A Proposition
Nov 28Creative Differences
Nov 24Red Flag Number Two
Nov 21Change in Management
Nov 17Let’s Not
Nov 14Round One Ding Ding
Nov 10Plan A
Nov 7Commoners
Nov 3Red Flag Number One
Oct 31Party Time
Oct 27Speaking my Language
Oct 24Chess Game
Oct 20Signal Interrupted
Oct 17Visiting Hours
Oct 13Landmine Things
Oct 10Deliverance
Oct 6The Split
Oct 3Aftermath
Oct 1Hard Landing
Sep 29Ejection Protocol
Sep 26Squabbles
Sep 22Air Force None
Sep 19Probably Should Have Seen That Coming
Sep 15Ba-dump TSSSH
Sep 12Supervillain Racket
Sep 8Short Circuit
Sep 5FFFfff…
Sep 1Maximum Security
Jun 20Gatecrasher
Jun 16I Scream II
Jun 9I Scream
Jun 6GoT Damnit
Jun 2And Now for Something Completely Different
May 23One Upper
May 19Group Therapy
May 10Another Day, Another Monster
May 5Drinko de Mayo
May 2Not Today
Apr 28Worst Case Scenario
Apr 25Pomp and Circumstances
Apr 21Click Click Bang Bang
Apr 18Leaks
Apr 14Achey Breaky Heartbleed
Apr 11Armchair Psychiatrist
Apr 7Executive Peddling
Apr 4Super Sleuths
Mar 31Awkward
Mar 28L’esprit de l’escalier
Mar 24Perfectionist
Mar 21All My Children
Mar 17Blarney Stoned
Mar 10Crossover! Part 2
Mar 7Crossover! Part 1
Feb 28Bell on Earth
Feb 24Fiscal Twist
Feb 21Fantastic
Feb 17Hell on Heels
Feb 14Don’t Be S.A.D.
Feb 7Extra Intelligent Design
Feb 3Instigator
Jan 31Ice City
Jan 27Bra-di-da
Jan 24New Sheriff in Town
Jan 13Outbitched
Jan 10Checkmate
Jan 6Birds of a Feather
Jan 3Perks


Dec 30Municipal Bored
Dec 27I Stand Corrected
Dec 23But Seriously.
Dec 20What’s Crackin’?
Dec 16Strategy
Dec 13Counting Sheep
Dec 9Friendship is Profitable
Dec 6Rheagan-nomics
Dec 2Player 3 Has Entered the Game
Nov 25Is This A Bad Time?
Nov 15Red Dot
Nov 11Hypocrisis
Nov 1Aftermath
Oct 28Something Something Sexy Costumes
Oct 21Career Day
Oct 18Pessimist
Oct 14I Meant To Do That
Oct 8Furlough Life
Oct 4But Mostly Free Stuff
Sep 30What
Sep 27Good News
Sep 23Diabolus ex Machina
Sep 20How it Works
Sep 16That Looks Important.
Sep 13Just Dropping In
Sep 9Blood Money
Sep 6That’ll Do.
Sep 2Bilingual Bonus
Aug 30Ratatat
Aug 26No Kill Like Overkill
Aug 23Collection Call
Aug 19Invisible Assets
Aug 16Second Opinion
Aug 12Guilt Trippin’
Aug 9Morality Surrogate
Aug 5Fine Print
Aug 2My Problems Are Serious Too Okay
Jul 29Spoke Too Soon
Jul 26Prologue
Jul 22Help Not Wanted
Jul 19Photoshop is Magic
Jul 15Bitter End
Jul 10Project F-
Jul 5American Intermission
Jul 1Chemical Change
Jun 28Boom
Jun 25Oops.
Jun 21A Change of Heart
Jun 14Bad Moods
Jun 11Workplace Adjustments
May 25It’s Always the Quiet Ones
May 20That’s Not Important
May 17Reunion
May 16Lettering That Doesn’t Suck Shit.
May 11Subtext
May 2Stay Cool.
Apr 25Business Expenses
Apr 6Tumbleh
Mar 22Meanwhile, in Ohio…
Mar 15Grrl Scouts
Feb 14Smooth Talker
Feb 7Nevermind


Oct 11Expendable
Sep 27The Walking Trend, page 12
Sep 20The Walking Trend, page 11
Sep 13The Walking Trend, page 10
Sep 6The Walking Trend, page 9
Aug 30The Walking Trend, page 8
Aug 23The Walking Trend, page 7
Aug 18The Walking Trend, page 6
Aug 11The Walking Trend, part 5
Aug 4The Walking Trend, part 4
Jul 28The Walking Trend, part 3
Jul 21The Walking Trend, part 2
Jul 14The Walking Trend, part 1
Jul 7PvP Pastiche Page
Jun 30Serious Journalism
Jun 24Pancakes, part 5
Jun 17Pancakes, part 4
Jun 10Pancakes, part 3
Jun 8Pancakes, part 2
Jun 6Pancakes, part 1
Jun 1Avengeful
May 26Superpet, part 6
May 23Superpet, part 5
May 16Superpet, part 4
May 9Superpet, part 3
May 1Superpet, part 2
Feb 26Superpet, part 1
Feb 13Supertroll
Feb 6Very Selective
Jan 31Bubbles


Dec 21Merry Bitchmas
May 10No Capes
Apr 19Coincidental Acts of Kindness
Apr 16No Parking
Apr 4Belligerently Single