Superbitch is a webcomic about, well, Superbitch: a female superhero-for-hire and her sidekick, The Art Hobo: a superpowered unemployed art school grad. With the help of their tech-savvy roommate Quinn, they fight crime…or whatever. Updates Mondays and Fridays.




Full Name: Rheagan Rodriguez
Age: 26
Originally operated under the alias "Obsidian", she gained the nickname Superbitch from a random blogger reacting to her policy of charging money for saving people. She kinda liked it. So, she rebranded herself and started Superbitch, inc. -- the world's first contract-based superhero business. Entrepreneurial bordering on ruthless, outspoken bordering on obnoxious, and snarky bordering on...well, bitchy.

Comics: 198
Recent Appearance: Lead the Way
First Appearance: Belligerently Single


Full Name: Caroline Holleman
Age: 24
Graduated with full honors in Studio Art at the Mediocropolis College of Art....and promptly swan-dived into debt and unemployment. Gained her powers from signing up for a series of clinical research trials out of desperation to pay rent. Now, she works with her childhood friend Rheagan as a contract hero, though she has some reservations about charging money for it. Formerly operated under the name 'The Art Hobo;' changed her handle after a brief stint as a solo hero.

Comics: 141
Recent Appearance: A Fan, Girl
First Appearance: Belligerently Single


Full Name: Quinn Krismer
Age: 25
Superbitch, Inc's "Ambiguous Computer guy", specializing in…uhh, computer stuff. Tapping police scanners, analyzing things that would typically take an entire team of researchers to do, and somehow hacking high-security systems by typing really fast -- y'know, that guy. Textbook intellectual underachiever, he enjoys science, pizza, beer, and avoiding work.

Comics: 97
Recent Appearance: A Fan, Girl
First Appearance: Superpet, part 3

Steel Justice

Full Name: Steve Stanley
Age Unknown
Rheagan's ex-boyfriend, the once mild-mannered and intelligent Steve Stanley. Decided he wanted to be a superhero too and volunteered for a research study on artificial muscle growth. Promptly turned into a giant obnoxious dudebro. Now functions as more of a celebrity/promo model than an actual superhero.

Comics: 40
Recent Appearance: Lead the Way
First Appearance: Stay Cool.


Full name: Camille Contreras
Age: 26
Rheagan's fork-tongued frenemy from god knows where; self-proclaimed "supervillain for hire." Camille lacks any natural superpowers, instead relying on her social savvy and mechanical know-how. She also has a pair of high-tech gauntlets that increase her physical strength/speed and interfere with electronics, along with a number of other unknown uses.

Comics: 29
Recent Appearance: Perpetual Emotion Device
First Appearance: Maximum Security


Full name: Cecilia Henderson
Age: 45
The current mayor of Mediocropolis. Spends much of her time now berating Superbitch.

Comics: 20
Recent Appearance: Is That a Trick Question
First Appearance: Red Dot

The Debt Collector

Full Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
An undead collection agent that hunts Caroline after she sells her soul to a student loan provider from Hell. He doesn't talk much.

Comics: 15
Recent Appearance: But Mostly Free Stuff
First Appearance: Prologue


Full Name: Dick Johnson
Age: 56
Former mayor of Mediocropolis. Might be a coke fiend, maybe possibly they NEVER PROVED THAT, OKAY?!

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: Birds of a Feather
First Appearance: Supertroll

Jackson the Potty-Mouthed Parrot.

Poor Jackson. We barely knew him. ...Nah fuck that, he was a jerk.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Superpet, part 5
First Appearance: Superpet, part 1


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: The Devil's Loophole


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I’m Kennedy and I’m a Concept Artist/Cartoonist currently living in Florida. I graduated from SCAD with a degree in Sequential Art and I currently work in the mobile games industry. I say fuck a lot. Sorry.

You can check out my portfolio at sleeplessmuseart.com